Videos and  Music

Here we are putting together different rhythms in one of the pieces we are working on! Its starting to come together!

Perlman and Zukerman: Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia

Igudesman and Joo: Riverdance

Punch Brothers play Bach Brandenburg Concerto 3

Run Gil Run

Casey Driessen: The Chop

Casey Driessen: The Heartbeat Kid

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We were working on overlaying rhythms so we did a round robin where we played all 6 Twinkle variations at the same time and every time we finished the song, everyone would move one station over so they got to play all the different rhythms at least once. That was a bit tricky!

Twinkle with 6 variations simultaneously - Pop Music Workshop

After working out the roadmap of the piece and working out our different rhythms and parts we played the song through! 

Don't You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia) - Pop Music Workshop

We put this song together on the very last afternoon. We started getting creative with instrumentation. After everyone learned all the violin parts we just had fun with it! Banging on cabinets and boxes and toys! Oh ya... and singing...  though I had changed the key so that it was more playable on the violin and it made it a little unsingable... that didn't stop the girls though...

Royals (Lorde) - Pop Music Workshop